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Phase 1 – completed

  • Phase 1 of the project had an initial investment cost of R250 million.
  • 422 houses of 80m² in size, have been built, with families are already living in their newly purchased homes.
  • Internal roads and street lighting have been completed.
  • The perimeter wall and gatehouse facilities have been built and is operational.
  • All stands in Phase 1 are fully serviced.
  • Gardens in common areas are landscaped and maintained to ensure that the Estate is aesthetically pleasing.

Phase 2

  • Phase 2 of the project has an investment cost of R2.8 billion.
  • Currently two show houses have been built on the site and plans are in place to sell houses off plan.
  • 3 100 houses will be built – with a combination of the four different house categories, built in demarcated areas of the Estate.
  • The Estate will have two main entrances and several smaller internal access gates for residents and visitors.
  • The developer has plans to include future commercial amenities in line with the development vision.
  • Phase 2 house categories will include:

    80m² – 1 854 units
    140m² – 633 units
    220m² – 91 units
    360m² – 12 units