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Buying a Home

Cost of Homes

Varying sizes and prices to suit the diverse needs of employees, with flexible payment structures to ensure affordability.

  • Loan repayments will be at a lower than expected level to match employee affordability.
  • The RBPlat Home Owner’s Allowance and Living Out Allowance will be applied to home loan repayments.
  • Increases will be effective on 01 of July each year, in line with annual wage increases.
  • Monthly statements will reflect payments that are dependent on the size of the home purchased.
  • Prepaid electricity, water, rates and taxes, transport and maintenance inside the house, will be for the homeowners own account.

Terms & Conditions of Loan

  • Prospective homeowners must be permanent employees of the RBPlat Group.
  • RBPlat remains the registered owner of the property until 50% of the repayment obligations are met. At this time the homeowner can elect to take transfer of the property and RBRP will register a bond over the property. If not the transfer will happen, when the full amount due has been paid (term-/+18years).
  • No home owner is allowed to sell or rent the property without a written consent from RBRP.
  • The homeowners rights are endorsed over the property and RBRP cannot further trade with the property, except when a breach of contract has occurred.
  • If the employee wants to sell the property (once the property has been transferred) the company has the first option to buy back the property from the employee.